We are a team of highly charged and experienced export marketing representatives of the Indian contract manufacturers, who, hitherto, had been supplying to local trading companies for the export of their produce. Being an exclusive export Marketing representatives, we helps these 2nd TIER manufacturers to export directly and share their benefits to buyers/importers by virtue of the elimination of the trading companies from the supply chain.

In a way, we are also buying office for the overseas customers who looks for someone who can take care of their buying, update buyers on consistent basis, do sampling, follow up with daily production, Inspect the goods during production and furnish a final inspection report, oversee packaging, container stuffing and sealing.Most Importantly buyers/importers will not have to pay anything to us.

Being 20 years in the manufacturing, procurement, sourcing and having knowledge of manufacturing hubs, stand out manufacturers, their packaging and shipment capabilities. We foresee and analyse the factors that impact the raw material and its prices.

We have a pool of manufacturers, who are not into any conflict with each other as they have different product groups. All manufacturers are selected after verification of their manufacturing, financial and technical capabilities.

Our services consist of finding the buyers for our manufacturers and also matching supplier and Products for buyers, Match the targets of buyers, private label program development, and the delivery of quality products at the right price.

That Implies perfect solution to the manufacturers we represent and buyers we service.