Being an exclusive manufacturer’s marketing sale arm, we offer free of cost service to buyers that are associated with our pool of manufacturers

Service to buyers

  • We convene the global supply chain, creating customized end-to-end supply chain and logistic solutions for importers, global brands and retailers. We source and deliver a diverse range of Products to customers
  • Help buyers to get best priced items as a consolidated shipment. Generally, a manufacturer is cost effective in items which they produce and not for outsourced items. We ensure manufacturers, who ships consolidated cargo, get other items to fill the container from the other manufacturers of our pools in the prices in which other manufacturer would have directly exported in.
  • Inspection of raw material, in the middle of production and upon completion of order and sending report for the same to buyers.
  • Development of Private Label Products
  • Service to the OEM buyer
  • Supplying samples, quotations, arrange visit of buyers, booking their hotels etc.

Service to Manufacturers

  • Exclusive marketing for export sale. It helps cut down manufacture’s sale expenses, which further helps them to become competitive and more focused on production only.
  • Help each manufacturer to get the best and cost-effective products of others in the pool to make a consolidated shipment for overseas buyer
  • Linking manufacturers with the verified pool of raw material suppliers
  • Finding verified, cost effective and compliance factories for Packaging material
  • Helps in Assembly of products/sets from the most competitive sources.
  • Exhibiting the products of manufacturer of our set of pools to promote their products.
  • Sharing technical knowledge with manufacturer and keep them updated with new techniques and machinery